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Not feeling very productive during your days?

I think we have all been there…

Most days my kids would wake me up, I would eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast and sit on the couch until I felt a little motivation to get up and do something. I felt like I was in such a slump, there were things I Wanted to do, but just didn’t have the motivation to do it.

I remember scrolling through Pinterest one day and saw something mentioning how much better you’ll feel if you make your bed first thing in the morning. Ha, I Never make my bed, because it just gets messed up again once I go to bed. So what’s the point? But I decided to give it a try anyway and I was surprised how just that ‘little’ accomplishment gave me more motivation to continue being productive and ‘getting things done’.

So I compiled a list of 5 things to help you have a more productive day.

1. Make Your Bed

I know, it’s such a simple task, and most of us hate doing it. But do it anyway! Just getting something small done First thing in the morning helps jump-start your day to wanting to do more. Though small, it IS an accomplishment! And it makes your room look nicer 😉

2. Eat A Nutritional Breakfast

Breakfast is the Most important meal of the day. You’ve gone 8+ hours of fasting and eating a Nutritional breakfast gives your body the energy it needs to get going in the morning. Not only is eating breakfast important, you should never have sugary carbs for breakfast! A Good nutritional breakfast consists of Protein! Eat Eggs, Greek Yogurt, Protein Shake (You can find my favorite protein shake HERE ), Turkey Bacon, Protein Pancakes, Cottage Cheese… There are tons of options! If you do opt to go for carbs, make sure they are complex carbs, meaning they will digest slowly, which mostly consists of whole grains.

Benefits to eating a nutritional breakfast:

  • It Wakes Up Your System
  • It Fuels Your Body and Gives You Energy
  • It Can Keep Your Cravings at Bay
  • It Fuels Your Brain
  • It Can Help You Lose Weight

If you find you don’t have time to make yourself breakfast every morning, go for a protein shake and a piece of whole wheat toast. Or you can make Egg Muffins or an Egg Casserole the beginning of the week, that can last you all week-long. There are No excuses to not get in a good breakfast 🙂

Along with eating a good meal, you also need to drink wisely. Start by drinking 8 oz of water before your meal. Want to make it even better? Add lemon to your water! It does Wonders for the body!

3. Work Out/Stretch

I Love lifting weights. Some people like doing yoga. Some like running. Whatever it is that you like to do (fitness wise), Do It! Working out benefits the body in SO many ways! And once you accomplish working out in the morning, you’ll feel like you can take on anything else during the day!

Here are some benefits to working out In The Morning:

  • It increases dopamine in the brain
  • You’ll fell less stressed when you get to work, and helps reduce stress at home
  • It gives you a boost of energy, plus you’ll have more energy to make it through a workout in the morning
  • It will help you eat healthier throughout the day   – Who wants to make the workout go to waste by eating something unhealthy?!
  • You could burn off more fat by working out before your first meal
  • It gives your metabolism a boost
  • It’s a great memory booster and helps you be more creative
  • Get addiction under control

Even just starting out small, like going for a walk around your neighborhood, will eventually build to doing more and Wanting to do more.

Need a little more motivation? Join me in working out! It doesn’t even have to be the same thing I am doing, but we can help push and support each other. You can find my fitness info HERE. Get in contact with me and we can work out together!

4. Read Something Motivational

I Love to read! Reading helps me escape and enter into a completely different world. One that can be full of magic, adventure, fantasy, romance, etc. Reading something motivational inspires me to be a better person. Sometimes it can give us the ‘push’ we need to make a change in our life that will benefit us. Which is probably a reason why you are reading this post.

There are so many motivational and inspirational books out there. Even just reading a good book that brings a happiness and calm to you, can make such a difference in your day. Sit and read while you are eating your breakfast, or listen to a book while you are driving to work. Just find some way to make time for it!

Here is a list of 3 of my favorite motivational books

5. “Eat the Frog”

Get the difficult task out-of-the-way first or as some say “Eat the Frog”.  Getting the hardest task done in the morning will make the rest of the day seem like a breeze!

Sometimes my hardest task is just getting my workout in. The more I push it back, the less inclined I feel to get it done. But if I just suck it up and do it, I feel so accomplished and makes the rest of the day feel smooth.

Have a difficult task you’ve been putting off at work? Get it done first thing in the morning when you arrive. It’ll will really make the biggest difference in your day!


Do you feel like this will help you have a more productive day? What is your morning routine that helps you have a productive day? I would love to hear from you!

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